"John’s Island was fortunate to be exposed to the Deep Freeze product during its infancy stage. Our therapists, like in many spas, use topical analgesics on their clients with regularity. This is the first product we’ve tried where our therapists have genuinely noticed the product aiding in the massage process. The consistent comment I’ve received from our group is Deep Freeze makes it easier to penetrate layers of tissue with less pressure. Not only is this a win for members, but a win for our therapists as they get to save their hands."

Kevin Caldabaugh
Fitness Director
John's Island Club
Vero Beach, Florida


"When working with an aging, active population, avoiding aches and pains is nearly impossible. Deep Freeze is a safe, effective product available to our members that allows them to treat affected areas prior to and after sport & exercise. Not only does Deep Freeze reduce feelings of pain, but it also increases blood flow helping to prepare muscles for activity and heal where necessary."

Kevin Caldabaugh
Club Spa Fitness Association
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


"Deep Freeze Pain Gel is really effective at increasing the circulation.... The Deep Freeze Turbo Recovery Body Wash is like an 'Artic Breeze '.."

Edy Bailey
Licensed Massage Therapist and Bikram Yoga Instructor.


"I am the classic 'old guy' that doesn’t do what I should to stay in top shape. While that isn’t a huge problem, the fact that I play as if I was in shape is.

Once again I am in physical therapy trying to get back to the place where I can get out there again and start tearing my body down all over again.  A friend of mine gave me Deep Freeze recently while I was dealing with a sore tendon, I was skeptical but willing to try it so I could get active again.  I kid you not, the immediate results were overwhelming and sustained.

I have since given some to my son, two friends with sports injuries, and my significant other is now also a huge fan.  If you are suffering you need to give it a try, it actually does what it say it will do, which (I am sad to say) most other products like this haven’t in the past."

Jim Warren
Sr. Vice President, Marketing
World Class Capital Group LLC


"As an outdoor and exercise enthusiast, muscle aches are a regular challenge.  Deep Freeze Gel Roll On provides me an immediate activation and effective relief of muscle pain and strain.  I also find it very effective to reduce lower body stiffness that occurs with periods of sedentary seating on long flights abroad and also excellent relief from mosquito bites, although I do not believe it is approved for this use.

Thank You Deep Freeze!"

Terry Jones CEO
Nexersys Corporation
Austin, Texas.


Deep Freeze is a Fibromyalgia sufferer’s best friend, and I would like to extend sincere thanks for such an effective product.

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 20 years and I have spent the entire 20 years trying countless prescription medications, over-the-counter products, acupuncture, heat-stone-therapy, diet and exercise, and a multitude of different variations of wraps.

The largest roadblock I hit with over-the-counter products such as Icy Hot, Ben-Gay, Pain-Stop, and others which are similar, is that when applied to Fibromyalgia skin, it is unbearably painful. The tingling sensation produced by those types of products is like putting a blow-torch on your skin.

The wonderful thing about Deep Freeze is that it did not burn the skin at all. It was just this subtle warmth that just seemed to sink deep into the skin and for the first time in 20 years, I got to experience a pain free life again. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from Fibromyalgia.

Wonderful product that I hope stays in the market-place for a very, very long time.

R. Ramey
New Richmond, OH


I’ve trained and completed 1 IM 140.6 and 5 IM 70.3’s.

“Deep Freeze and Turbo Freeze Body Wash have been a part of my training regimen for a while. I used to fill up my bathtub with ice to reduce swelling after a long run or ride. Now I just use Deep Freeze immediately after a hard training session to help speed recovery through reduced inflammation. Anyone who is constantly tearing down their body through endurance training will benefit from the immediate cooling which lasts for hours. They will also love the body wash because of the cleansing, cooling & healing effects. I can honestly say I have been able to recover quicker, train harder and more efficiently with Deep Freeze.”

Drew Coleman


Deep Freeze Turbo Recovery Body Wash is an amazing product! It has an invigorating aroma and really helps ease tense muscles after a workout or just after a long day at work - I have also used this product in the morning to help sore muscles loosen up and get me going. The longer you can leave it on (up to 5 minutes) the better the product works. It has a long lasting effect and is worth every penny!

Jason T. Dawkins
Austin, TX


As a soccer athlete during most of my teenage and young adulthood, I had a lot of experience with self-treating minor ankle sprains, However, when I heard about and began using Deep Freeze Cool Therapy, I noticed a significant decrease in the amount of time it took to heal, which shocked me! After an avulsion fracture and severe sprain a couple of months ago on my right ankle, I integrated Deep Freeze into my healingregimen, applying once every 4 hours or so, which significantly relieved the pain, swelling and soreness I was used to having difficulties assuaging using other "cool/heat" products. I was really impressed with Deep Therapy's actual healing abilities and powerful but soothing sensation, and recommend it consistently to family and friends!

Heidi Garcia
Habitat Suites Hotel


I have received many good reports about your Deep Freeze. I've asked a number of patients what they like best about it and the majority of comments are, "I love it." I ask why and don't get very clear answers but here is one I like: "I love it but I gave it to my friend and she got off with it so I'll have to buy some more." Another said, "Its the best stuff I've ever used." One lady bought four 16 oz. sizes to share with her friends. I use it many times a day in practice. It's a little cool at first and I get an "Oooo..o" response the first time or two but the patients love it and many times say, "Would you put some of that stuff on this (other) place?" I reply, "Well, if you insist."

Dr.Jerry L. Casebolt,
DC Liberty Hill, Texas