Meet Danne Montague-King


At the core of Deep Freeze is Danne Montague-King, the original creator of Bio-Freeze, DMK Skin Revision, DMK Foundation of Skin and other world class products and his early research on pain relief through Cryotherapy( the cold method ), developing his breakthrough formula, known and used today in more than 60 countries in the world.

The central focus of the Deep Freeze, the "Next Generation in Pain Management, Recovery and Cool Therapy" was to expand the area of performance support for animals; humans; healthcare professionals and fitness directors.

Danne Montague-King never takes full credit for his visionary concepts but likes to share it with the many scientists and natural discoveries from which he has learned. He often says, 'I have never created anything. Nature sets up the rules; a true scientist must first think abstractly, without tunnel vision, listen to his or her heart and then follow the dictates of nature. He lays the accolades of success for his Skin Revision and Deep Freeze concepts at the feet of the many 'Giants of Science and Medicine' who have contributed to his message.